Buy My Arts (Please?)

Hello there viewers!  I’ve been working on setting up digital storefronts to make my work more available to prospective collectors, regardless of their budget. I am now able to offer four different methods to purchase my art to adorn your walls.

Gallery Shows

Any pieces selected for gallery showing will be 1/1 limited edition numbered prints.  They will not be produced in any other size nor offered as home décor/fashion designs.


Numbered Prints

Signed and numbered prints in runs of 23 and in some pieces, 93 are available directly through me.  Pieces selected for limited runs will not be sold through Deviant Art, but may be selected for home decor/fashion reproductions.


Deviant Art
Visit my Deviant Art store here.

You can purchase art, canvas, and photographic prints of selected works through my Deviant Art store. Prices start at just under $8.00 for prints. This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy my art on your walls even with a tight budget.


Fine Art America
Visit my Fine Art America store here.

You can purchase home décor, such as throw pillows, duvet covers and shower curtains featuring selected pieces of my artwork through Fine Art America. You can also purchase fashion items such as tote bags and phone covers. Pricing for items offered through Fine Art America are as follows:

(All prices are USD plus S&H)

Phone Cases: $35.00

Tote Bags:                                                                                                                                                    13″ x 13″—$23.50

16″ x 16″—$25.50

18″ x 18″—$26.50

Shower Curtains: $65.00

Throw Pillows:

14″ x 14″—$27.00

20″ x 14″—$31.00

16″ x 16″—$30.00

18″ x 18″—$32.50

20″ x 20″—$38.50

26″ x 26″—$53.00

Duvet Covers:








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